Monday, January 23, 2012


Myself into here--
We are suppose to make 12 of these plates--
and I think I could get the 12 or most of them out of the layer cake--
only -- every plate would look pretty much the same, as I discovered that there is only about 23 prints in the cake that are different, and if you need 20 fans for each plate--well--they will all look pretty much the same!!!
So I did go through my 30's prints and came up with about 13 fabric prints that should blend in nicely--and then  I will have variety --
I also did some sewing on the fans today--stitched and stitched, 
then cut them apart, and turned the points and pressed--
and when I got done I only had enough stitched for about 4 plates---
so 'who' I ask again got me into this??????

I did manage to get another bom somewhat finished up today--
From Shabby Fabrics for January--

And I took a quick trip to Walmart this afternoon--
went though what is left of Christmas and found a treasure--
the cupcake papers on the left--
so then had to go check out what they had in for Valentines day--
and those are on the right side--
and see there is even some 'pink' ones in there!!!!
Now--here comes the 'problem'--
I do not 'need' these!!!!
but I seen someone on here that collects these and has them in a pretty display jar--
and not wanting to be 'left' behind, I 'must' also do my part and collect some!!!!

Now for this--
I have signed up to do the TUSAL which is for Totally Useless sal--
and we have to put our threads in a jar and show them 'off' every new moon--
and that is today--so here goes--
flattened, for more to add next month--
now this is just the counted cross stitch threads--
So I think it shows that I was up to 'something' this month!!!
Check this out at

Ahhh--Di what is with the Santa Claus's?????
Reminder--that tomorrow is the 24th, and we start our '3' days of Christmas sewing--
and remember you can make gifts during this time--and you do not have to use Christmas fabric--
they just need to be gifts for giving at Christmas time--in fact I think this is what I may be working on --so get those totes out that you did up and your idea pads that you wrote those ideas for gifts on or decorations on and get busy!!!!!
Hugs, and happy stitching--
Di and her fur ball--that Miss Gracie


  1. My oh really do have your hand in everything all at once, don't you? ;-) I love it!

    Good luck getting your varied projects going and completed and you will have a FULL jar very quickly for the TUSAL!

    Carol (NJ)

  2. I love the fabrics you're using in your Dresden plates! I'm so glad I decided to only make six plates...that was plenty for me! LOL

  3. You sure are keeping busy with lots of projects Di. Love your plates.
    Okay where has the month gone. will find my Christmas sewing.

  4. You make me dizzy, Di!
    And how did it get to the 24th already?

  5. Your plates are looking wonderful. Maybe you should make a 4 plate mini quilt?

  6. cute. Interesting plate fabric I hope to see more of them next TUSAL post. Nice ort collection.

  7. I've been able to resist the plates so far - but seeing how pretty yours is - I'm being very tempted!

  8. You are a hive of activity Di! I think your plates are going to be just lovely!


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