Thursday, February 23, 2012


I worked on Christmas--
that's me--always doing the opposite of whatever!!!!!!!

Now I went to the sewing room and pulled out my Christmas tote to get the fabric that I had 'planned' on making up today--
Only something else jumped into my hands instead--
a jelly roll--
I took 3 strips and sewed them together and then cut them--
and sewed them back together and this is what I got---
a pretty Dresden plate circle--
liked it--so cut the rest of the strips up--
Now if the little elves would come in and sew these up into plates--
I could pull out the fabric that I had intended to work with today!!!!!!

and in the afternoon -- later--
I worked on this project--
Remember more than a month ago I got all the wool pieces ready for this one???
and I then got this far--
after today's workings I am now this far--
the star is on and the little leaves are on the vines--
next I finally get to start putting the 'people' together!!!

Oh--I also had gotten the first stitching done on the 'extra' project with the Valentines fabrics--so pressed them and cut them so I could continue sewing those for my "leaders and enders"--
and that did take some time this morning, too!!!

Ohhhhhh--I almost forgot the most important news--
I heard song birds singing today outside--
and then a little later I seen a  flock of birds landing and eating in the lot across the street--
Oh how I have missed hearing the birds sing this winter!!

 Hugs, Di and her baby--Miss Gracie


  1. You are so funny! I can't even think about doing Christmas stuff right now.
    I heard and saw birds this morning too. So wonderful.

  2. Good for you to get a headstart on your Christmas sewing. I just love those dresden plates!! I want to make some like that, too, but I have a few things on my list to accomplish, first.

  3. Lovely plates! What a good idea... might steal that one :)

  4. Your Christmas Dresden is really effective and you've made great progress on the vines... last month I thought I would join in with you and do some Christmas sewing on the 24th etc.... but other things are going to get in the way this weekend... I think its a great idea so I'll have to try again next month!

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