Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Well--don't know about the 'little' part--
but I have been busy alllll day --
this morning it being Tuesday, was Anne's day to come--
we hand quilted and I am happy to say that the pink quilt is all done for the center--
now to decide on the outer border what to do???
we then went to lunch and on to Walmart where I could Miss Gracie some food, and her Mom some chocolate and yogurt!!!!

Back here at the 'ranch' I went into the sewing room and did not come out until after 4:30 pm--
here is the pictures to  show for this afternoon's work--
Ahhh--what happened--the quilt is all balled up==
oh and it is moving!!!!
Oh I do think there is a dark colored 'monster' under it!!!!
Ohhhh--no fear it is just that Miss Gracie checking every thing out!!!
she even helped with finding a piece of batting the right size for this little quilt--
And here it is--the blue one of Home Sweet Home--
and as you can see--the top is all done, the batting and backing are with it--
so now it goes into the hand basting pile!!!

Now-remember I told you I was trying to be a Bonnie Hunter in my sewing--
by sewing on another quilt while working on the main one and using those pieces as my enders and leaders????
Well here is what I 'created' with some scraps--
a little dolly quilt--it is under 12 inches--I had the fabric pieces left over cuts from the Broken Dishes quilt I did--so just kept sewing them together and this is what I accomplished--
two quilts at the same time and no wasted thread!!!!
and now I am back to white thread on the machine so am back to working on sewing the red, pink, and white left overs as leaders and enders!!!!

Last night I got this SAL finished for Jan and Feb works--
So I can mark off another item on my "to make" list by end of the month!!!

Then at 5 pm I grabbed the laundry and ran down to the laundry room--
have been trying to get a 'turn' in since Saturday--
and my stash of clothes was at the end!!!
so that big job is done--at least for a couple days!!!!

Good night alllllll--
Hugs, Di and a silly Miss Gracie


  1. I really like your Home Sweet Home quilts. Refresh my memory as to where to find the pattern? I think I may need to make one. Give Gracie a little hug for me.

  2. Your doll quilt is so cute and what a great way to use up those left overs. The blue really sets your Home Sweet Home quilt off nicely. Great Job! Nola

  3. Lovely work as always! The blues are so pretty.

  4. Alice was talking about being a Bonnie Hunter too, I must investigate that a bit more because I like the idea of doing more at one time... like I am not crazy enough, oh well..!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue home sweet home!!

  5. Such a a pretty and helpful kitty our Miss Gracie is these days!;-)I have been so slack with my leader enders! Need to get them back beside the machine. I have them in baggies from last straighten up I did in sewing room! WIth cost of thread and fabric going up every day best to be more frugal!

  6. Busy lady as usual. I don't think Miss Gracie is going to let you give the blue one away--I think she is liking it a lot. Everything is just beautimus!!!
    Don't forget to rest once in awhile.

  7. Just love the little scrappy squares quilt, too cute!!! I've just completed one similiar as well, will post about it soon!
    Your continuing to keep up your sewing schedule and get quite a lot done!!!!


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