Monday, February 20, 2012


I did get busy again today in the sewing room--
on the two 'ufo' picks for Feb--
and I was able to get this top finished--
One of the Home sweet Home ones--still have the blue one to stitch together--
remember I was using up some scraps from a honey bun on this one above--
and would you believe this is what was left of the fabric--
when I finished and there is not one that is 1 1/2" square in this pile!!!!!

After lunch today I had to go the Doctor's office to get my monthly B-12 injection--
and the nurse who has given me this shot for years always wants to see a--
'show n tell' of a quilt or two--
so I took the one above--(as I also needed to go to the quilt shop for the outer border on this one--can you believe I had nothing in my stash for this one????)
and I took this one--
this month's Schnibbles--
and I walked out with out either one!!!!
Another lady doctor works on Monday afternoon's so when I go then she has to see the show n tell too!!! and she fell in love with the home sweet home one==so I handed it to her and told her she could finish it and keep it--
my nurse Connie really liked this Schnibbles, which I did too when it was all finished--
but let's face it--I already have my share of quilts--and Connie does hand quilt--so I gave her this one to finish and keep!!!!
Sooo--I am not sure if I am 'crazy' here or just very generous with my 'things' ??????
But I do hope and think that I may have made two ladies happy today!!!

Sunday--that Miss Gracie got after me with the 'whip' (she must of borrowed Chookyblues for the day) and made me do alot--alot of house work--so I have a clean house now!!!!
and I read a book on the kindle and last night I watched a movie--
so I was on a roll all week end--and I did get more hand quilting done on the pink quilt!!!!!
and I got a 'thimble' story for you one of these days!!!
And here is a local story for you--
This little lady is Ragan and she is 6 years old--
she had to a project for school that would include "100" of something--
and would you believe she decided to make these--
She made 102 pillow cases to give away--and she had to do these and present them on the 100th day of school for this year!!! My local quilt shop did donate alot of the fabric for her to make them--
and that is why she did 2 extra one will go to the quilt shop and one for her school to show!!!
What a gal!!!
note--most of the kids do things like 100 Cheerios on a string-or collect 100 pennies--things like that!!!

Well--I am outta here for tonight--
Happy stitching tomorrow--
Hugs, Di and a special Miss Gracie--
Ahhhhh--miss gracie, you can give Chookyblue her 'whip' back now!!!!!


  1. You are very generous! I'm sure you made those ladies very happy and they will be talking about it for a long time.

    What a sweet story. 102 pillow cases is alot.

  2. You are sweet to give away the little quilts- very generous way to spread the love. I'm in awe of the little gal with the 102 pillowcases - what a wonderful project. Everyone connected to it should be proud.

  3. Lovely projects you are working on Di.
    Good girl Miss Gracie getting out the whip so Di got her work done.LOL
    A 100 Hugz for you 6 yr old Miss Ragan. How fabulous to have such a young sewer.

  4. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
    Yours, Ulla

  5. How kind of you to give away the tops for someone else to finish! What a wonderful thing for Ragan to do! 100 pilla cases is a lot for me at one time!!! Glad my kitties do not use whips!! hahah!

  6. Sounds like a good day for giving all the way around. I'm pretty sure you are guarantteed a painless shot experience in the future.
    What a sweet little girl--may the world not change her.

  7. Very happy ladies indeed! That is one ambitious 6-year old. I love that she combined her project for school with charity.

  8. I'm very impressed with the efforts of this 6yr old, she certainly took her task very seriously!!!
    How very generous of you to give away your flimsies, I'm sure the receipients will have a lot of fun finishing them off!!!


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