Saturday, February 25, 2012


And they put 'me' right to work--
Here's a peak at what they had on the schedule for me today--!!!!
Another twister quilt--
this time with 10" layer cake for Christmas!!!!
I have to say--these are so funny--
I mean you make one large quilt, first--
You use this ruler and cut the large quilt all up--one square at a time--
 and then you sew it back together--
and you get this--
now I did discover that one does need to be careful on these--
I did good except I did not realize that the off white blocks with the prints looked so much alike--
so it is hard to see the design in that row--
the other neat thing is--you can enjoy this quilt in either direction--
the top photo is how I had it planned--but it looks good this way too!!!
This took from 11 am to 4 pm to build, both quilts!!!
now for the backing and batting and basting--who is going to 'volunteer' to do that for me??????

And Miss Gracie was alittle better to me today--
and I got some more done on the wool project--
(oh the wavy line is a 'you know what' of Miss Gracies--but we will just believe that it is a shooting star for now--OK?????? 
It is coming--though I had hoped it would be finished by tonight--
oh well--
I am going to keep working on this though until it is done--
I have alot of wool spring and other wool projects to do--
so that will be my insensitive to get this finished!!!!!!

and so what did you work on this week end???????
Hugs, Di and that good girl--Miss Gracie


  1. Looks awesome!!! Now I want to do one of those too. I am never going to finish anything.
    Maybe I could borrow a couple of your elves.

  2. I just can't believe how much you get done, you are amazing! Keep posting pics because you are motivating me, or shaming me into working harder, one or the other! Giggle. :)

  3. I will really have to get out my twister project one day! Yours in Christmas fabrics looks great! The wool project is coming along well, you have not slowed down I see!!! Have a great week!!!


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