Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Before bed last night I did finish another counted cross stitch project--

and at around 2 am I did start another one--
what can I say--????

As it was Tuesday, it was my friend Anne's day to come to quilt--
I got alot of the black basket in the lower right hand corner quilted and some start on the vines and leaves on that block--
then we went and got her Mom and went out to lunch--
I ate too much--just a sandwich and slice of pie==
but I usually only eat yogurt or the sandwich--
so as my tummy was 'extra' full--
I decided I had to do some sewing--
in the sewing room where I would be up and down--
so I could work off that sandwich/pie!!!
and as a result--
these got finished--
Here is the one I started yesterday--
and here is the 2nd one I did today--
So I have 2 mats--for decorating with!!
and I got to play awhile with some Valentine fabrics--
so now on with the show--
wonder what is next on the 'to make' list?????

I have to admit that once these where done--
I did end up in the rocking chair--
but somehow a book got into my hands--
in place of some sewing--so I read for an hour or so!!!!!

Still no snow here--though it is some colder today--
Wonder what tomorrow will bring--
weather and sewing wise--?????
U--will have to tune in to read all about it!!!!!

Hugs, from Miss Gracie too!!!


  1. Your little table-toppers are lovely and just in time for Valentines!! Very sweet little cross-stitch too Di! I can't believe you stayed up sewing till 2am, my eyes would be falling out of my head LOL!!!

  2. Oh I love your little cross stitch! :0)

  3. Maybe you should eat pie more often as you seem to have fun stitching pretty things to work it off.

  4. The Valentine mats and the cross-stitch are lovely! Wow you stayed up late! I can't remember the last time I stayed up til 2am. LOL You crazy girl! :-) xo Jen


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