Monday, February 6, 2012


Why that Miss Gracie after all--
but then you all knew she would--
See you can see the table top now--
and I can find my Counted cross area to work once again--
along with some other cleaning--
it always feels so good when you are done--
but the 'thought' of doing it and the 'work' of doing it--
makes one think twice--especially when the fabric room is calling your name!!!!
And talking about Miss Gracie here she is 
'checking over' the newest block I hand quilted on the pink quilt!!!

Last night I also decided I just had to knit up one of the new skeins of cotton yarn--
This one came out so pretty--even green mouse thinks so!!!
But---I won't be using this one any more--
you should of seen how blue my fingers and nails where when I got finished from the dye that was used in this yarn--
Now today--Monday--was one of those days!!!!

I did get some hand quilting done on the pink quilt while they put a brass kick plate and a new door bell on my front door!!
then I made it to the sewing room and got Feb and March's blocks prepped for the SAL--
now don't tell Chookyblue that I am behind--she is too busy right now to get out her whip and I feel already 'whipped' today--
after I got these blocks ready it was lunch time--went down for mail and there was a larger and hopefully heavier ironing board down there that someone else no longer needed--so I grabbed it and brought it home --and I did set it and took their cover off and did a new one of my own--
Now tonight we will see if it makes as much noise of the metal popping when Miss Gracie walks on during the night as the old one did?????
Went to Walmart for groceries--that was a job that needed to be done and I am glad is over--
for a week or so!!!!!

In the mail I got my 2 Christmas ornament cross stitch books I had ordered--
and the February word play--not to start that one!!
And later this afternoon I did go in the sewing room and played--
See the mess I made????
to make this--
What is it????
Hummm--have not decided yet--whether it is a single item or the start of something larger!!!
Only time will tell!!!!

Well--that is enough for now--
though I did get two more quilt patterns in the mail today too!!!!
Hugs, Di and  that Miss Gracie


  1. My goodness, Di, there is just no slowing you down! Hope the new ironing board works for you.

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Busy busy girl--making me tired just reading about it.
    Love your pretty pink "mess"

  3. What a day - here there and everywhere! Lucky find with the ironing board and I do like the dresden in the top photo.

  4. You've been a busy girl! It does feel good to get the domestics out of the way, makes sewing time more rewarding knowing there is nothing else demanding attention!!! The little pink creation looks intriguing, I wonder where you will go with this.....or does Miss Gracie have a plan !!!!


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