Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I had an interesting day--
I had my dental cleaning done today--
and that office is an hour drive from my house--
but great sunny weather so it was a nice ride down and back--
unfortunately--they found 2 problems so have to go back in a month for some work--
but it has been a long time since I have needed some work--so I am 'ok' with it--lol!!!!
we did make a 'fun stop' on the way home--
we stopped at a country shop--much like an indoor flea market--
and I did manage to carry out a treasure--
a very small tea cup and saucer for my doll china cabinet--
it cost me all of $3.00--that was a 'treasure' toooo!!!!!

And as it is Wednesday--
I do have a flower report--
See my garden is growing--
I have '2' new flowers this week!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well and having fun stitching--
and tomorrow it will be "Christmas" around here for the next 3 days--
so what will you be working on?????

Hugs, Di and a silly cat, Miss Gracie


  1. Oh I do like your new treasure - a great bargain. And your hexie-flowers are lovely - nice fresh colours. Hope you aren't dribbling too much after your dentist visit..??

  2. Pretty flowers!! They go nicely with the pink teacup. I think that you controlled yourself nicely.

  3. Pretty flowers and a sweet lil tea cup..grand way to finish off a dentist appt! Happy Christmas time sewing!!

  4. Oh No not fillings... I really don't like the dentist.
    Love your wee cup and saucer.
    Nice fabrics you used for your flowers.
    I am working on finshing a Christmas Stitchery.

  5. The cup and saucer set is very sweet! I hope you use it every day Di, because everyday is a special occasion!!!


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