Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Or am trying too!!!
Did have to do a Wal mart run today--
no kitty food and no chocolate--
make for 'two' unhappy critters!!!
While there I picked these up--
On sale --
and --
These little t-shirts where only $1.50 each--
and they will go into my Christmas give away tote for those 0-2 years old next Christmas--
the one's in the first photo where $3 reg $3.88--not as big of a savings--
but oh sooooo cute!!!!

And I finally made it over to the Health food store for some healthy food items--
and did 2 bulk orders while there--have needed to do this trip for a month or so!!!
and as we had the second day in a row of over 60 degrees outside--
it was a 'go' now, kinda day!!!!

and I did promise you one more finish for January--
Here is my knitting finish--
12 dishcloths to go in my gift-giving tote!!!!
am doing something different for that tote in the knitting area for Feb.
so be sure to stay tuned in for another month!!!!!
Hugs, Di and her Miss Gracie


  1. Good Lord woman, you are going to give us all a complex! You are amazing. I'm going to start calling you Wonder woman! :)
    Hugs to you and Miss Gracie,

  2. Love the wee clothes for your christmas box.
    Nice dishclothes too.

  3. Don't you sleep at all? Miss Gracie, sit on mum's hands while I try to get something finished .....
    Hugs to you both,

  4. What a clever thing to do....I will have to remember that about the clothes.

  5. Aren't baby clothes the cutest!!?
    Great knitting effort with the dishcloths! The final picture in your post, is that a cat that you have had? it is just so awfully cute, it's not Miss Gracie is it??


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