Monday, February 27, 2012


Just not  sure where I am going!!!!
But look at what I got 'finished' today!!!
First up is this little quilt--
It just 'kept' calling my name and 'she' promised me it would not take long to finish her!!!!
So this morning I gently picked her up and said--"lets see what we can do"--
First I decided to just tie 'her' instead of quilting--
I think that is how little girls would do it--
did that and then into the workshop it went--
came back out and with alittle more hand work--
we now have this--
One more finish--and a start--all in the same month--wow!!!!!

Next up-- was this project--
 It's a face cover--
no, it's a hat--
no, its a purse, inside out--
no, sillies--it is this--
a counted cross stitch "ufo" that is now finished--
one year late--but a finish--I made it into a container--
could set a pot of flowers down in it, or Easter grass and some eggs,
or whatever!!!!!

Then it was this one turn--
Yep-- it is all done too!!!
Got the embroidery work done yesterday--
today I made in into a flat pillow--
it is long--32 Inches I believe but only about 12 inches wide--
I doubt that I would ever find a frame for  it and decided this way would be lot easier to store it--
yet, I sure hate to put it up on a shelf--may have to leave it out for awhile!!!!

So this is 3 more finishes for this month--(Alice--see I am on a race!!!)
and it feels good--
and I know I should have at least one more and hopefully two more--
Oh I would love to get 3 more done in lets see==2 more days, plus the rest of this evening--

Have a great day tomorrow--
Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie!!!


  1. Wow! How do you do it? I think that Miss Gracie is actually coming in and working on things while you are sleeping at night. That is the only explanation I can come up with!!

  2. You really are putting us all to shame.
    Well, at least me!!!
    But I have one finish so I will do a small victory lap!

  3. I love the little quilt! Can't show it to Tiffi or she'll start nagging me for one, too ....

  4. Aaaahhh the sweet life of our Lady one to please but herself and can sew sew sew all day and night!!;-)
    Energizer bunny you are my dear.

  5. Congratulations on those great finishes. I so love the doll quilt.

  6. Your little doll quilt is just so very sweet!!!! I finished one like it last weekend, haven't posted about it yet! Love the Nativity scene piece too, beautiful work there!!! You're doing very well with your projects Di!


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