Friday, February 24, 2012


Christmas today for my sewing adventure--

Was overcast all day and a bit rainy off and on--
and on the chilly side--that was outside--
in here, Miss Gracie and I were nice and warm--
and for whatever reason that darn cat had to be where ever I was today--
she followed me around like a little 'puppy' dog!!!!

Back in the sewingroomSanta's work shop--
I continued to work on this --
I only did up sections of 4 fans today--there is enough here for 6 more plates--
but--I am not sure just how I want this quilt to go yet--so by sewing them this way I will have some options open to me as I think about this one--

On the wool project I am here now--
There is a couple pins in the lamb as he is not finished yet--
thanks to Miss Gracie--
how did she know that I planned on working on this in the afternoon while she is suppose to be in the bedroom "sleeping" so that she does not jump up on my lap and get this all cat hair????
But no, as soon as I came out here to stitch, out she came----
I have to use a couple sheets of this roller to clean this off every night for the photo's--
thanks to Miss Gracie jumping on my lap when I am not looking!!!!!!!
Silly cat!!!!!

 Hugs, Di and that silly cat--Miss Gracie


  1. Santa's little helper has been very busy I see. Miss Gracie is a slave driver. Could I borrow her for awhile???

  2. Your christmas projects are looking good. Miss Gracie is a great boss.

  3. I really like the variation to your Dresden plate, I might have to try that too! I like the effect it creates!


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