Wednesday, February 15, 2012


in the garden--
I know--you all thought I did not work on the one flower Wednesdays any more--
well--surprise--I remembered in time to get one done!!!

First project on the worktable today was--
adding the outer border on this little table topper and getting the binding made--
before I used this red on something else--
Second project--
the 'broken dishes' doll quilt--had gotten half of them laid out last night before bed--
so finished it and then sewed them all together--
and it has been--
Miss Gracie approved!!!!
Then we worked on the Schnibbles quilt--
Here are the other '8' blocks--well--at least they are stitched--
now to cut and press and square them up and then we sew them together to make blocks!!!!
here is a good start on all the checkerboards at top and bottom of quilt--
so this one is moving right along!!!

It seems that my gal--Miss Gracie has discovered a new 'play' pen--
My bed!!!!! you notice that the new chenille spread is 'sorta' on the bed--
in a big pile--cause kitty likes to play now on the bed--so--!!!!!

And these blocks are done now--
So now I have more work to do!!!!!

OK--the fabric that I ordered for the 'yellow bean' came in today--
I think I really like it--but it would need a narrow, probably black second interborder--
I just used the 2nd piece that came with the fabric to see how it would look--
if I go with this one--I will use just a plain black fabric--
so here is the 3 choices---
I love love this chicken fabric--but will there be too much yellow if I use it--
could also get this one with a white background?????
I do not have enough of this one--but maybe able to find more--
but I worried that it is too dark!!!!
I do have enough of this one--!!!!! But it does not 'jump' for me!!!!

So which one is your favorite???????

Miss Gracie is on the couch and she heard the camera and she had to check out what was going on--she is soooo funny at times!!!

Well--off to read some blogs--
be good and keep stitching--
Hugs, Di and that silly miss gracie


  1. I see you have been very busy again working on your projects. Even Miss Gracie needs to go to bed.

    I love your new Flower

  2. Love the string bean quilt, and my favorite border of the three is the yellow.

  3. Hi Di, you have been keeping yourself very busy. And Miss Gracie is helping a great deal too! lol I love that shot of her "claiming" her space!

    I think I like the black chicken border. It's a nice contrast to the yellow/white.

    Your flower is adorable! is it on a stick?

    Carol (NJ)

  4. Love the pink/red twister. That is such a fun template with so many possibilities. I think you've made some great fabric choices for the yellow beans border but the first chicken fabric with the black inner border really caught my eye. Looking forward to seeing your "final answer."

  5. I'm probably too late to make any suggestion, I'm still trying to catch up on my blog reading (still getting over a bad chest infection), but I like the yellow chicken fabric best, with the narrow dark inner border! Your twister and broken dishes projects look great!!! You've certainly been a very busy girl!!!


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