Wednesday, February 8, 2012


After my usual morning hand quilting time--
I headed to the sewing room--
had decided to cut the rest of the Valentine charm packs into 2 1/2" strips--
then cut some plain white into 2 1/2" strips--
and 'play' being a Bonnie --
as I was doing that--Me decided to also do another project with some of the 5" charms--
so I set about doing it--but needed 36 charms and had already cut too many--needed 8 more--
so I got out my pink basket and found 2 fabrics that would work and cut me 8 more charms--
and went to work--
And this is what I created 'first'---

Now I have used what some call--bunny ears or leaders/enders/ for along time--
but is has just been small pieces of fabric--
But Bonnie actually sews small pieces together towards another project--
She does alot with 2 1/2 inch squares for one thing--
so I decided that is what I would do too--
and that is why I was cutting up the charm squares and white cotton strips this morning--
and got the 'notion' that "today was the day" for some excitement--
And I am doing the happy dance tonight--

I just love it--
when you have no plan --
but the plan comes together anyways--
look what I did with that quilt top --
Here is the first row--can you tell where I am going with this--
maybe this will help--
Ahhhh-no Miss Gracie--I really can do this job all by myself--
Now do you know?????
I have had all three sizes of the twister rulers for a long time--
got the two larger ones first months ago--
and today I finally just 'did-it'--
This is the greatest technique in the whole world--
or at least it was today--
loved doing this--can't wait to do another one!!!
Now back to Bonnie--
See the shoe box--it is full of the strips sewed together already--
when you do  the blocks on the twist, you only sew on one at a time--
so I sewed a strip set together in between each time I had to add another block--
flew  right along with those strips!!!!
They are not all done yet--but nearly--
there is no time set for finishing these--so will just keep stitching on them til they are done--
and then what--hummm--
only time will tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all for today--folks!!!
Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie!!!!


  1. Very nice! I love my Lil Twister! :0)


  3. Two very pretty quilts- I have not tried the little twister- I have looked at the tool occasionally but have not bought one. It looks like you are having fun with it.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  4. Very pretty! Haven't heard of that twister-thingy. The only twist I know is a dance and I'm not sure I can do that anymore :-)

  5. Firstly, your pink fabrics are just divine and I love what you did with those squares!!! Your twister turned out beautifully, you should be proud of it, just goregous! I have had three of those rulers for the longest time and have not yet done a thing with them - I just haven't had the time to 'play', but I will one day LOL!!!
    I'm intriqued with what you will do with those strips - better keep posted huh!

  6. I bought a twister ruler a few months ago and haven't tried it yet. I'm excited now, thanks for posting about it! I'll try it soon.
    Very beautiful pictures by the way, I love what you are doing and love the pink!

  7. It is so pretty, love your pink fabrics. I am so addicted to the twister, in fact I have been making these tops to. So much fun. Didn't know there was a third size.


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