Saturday, February 11, 2012


to read this post--
Cause I am telling you that that 'chick'--
Has made the brightest--sunniest--quilt I have ever seen--
are you ready--
cause that chick, Di is doing the happy dance now--
here is the newest quilt to come out of her sewing room--
Ta Da------
we warned you --that you would need those sun glasses--
talk about 'sunny and bright' this quilt has it!!!!!
This is the new pattern she just got in the mail--
by Loft Creations called--'String Beans'--
and the pattern is done to show 'green ones'--
but there is also yellow wax string beans--
and here is the proof--
Now this does need a border--
but--I had to order it--
I had nothing in my stash that was long enough for this one--
nor quite right--so thanks to punching some keys and looking at pages and pages of fabric--I do believe I have found one to make this quilt really 'cluck'!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a pretty easy quilt to make and I really enjoyed seeing it take form--
and I was so happy to just take time and make up something that was fairly new for once--
instead of having the pattern sit around until I thought I had everything else caught up--
so take it from 'me'--somethings you have to turn a blind eye on all your other projects and break open a brand new pattern and just go for it!!!!!!!!!!!

we are into actual winter weather today and tonight--
so keep warm--cuddle with all your 'furry' ones!!

Di and her furry baby!!


  1. What a pretty, happy quilt! I love the white and yellow together. Can't wait to see what border fabric you chose! xo Jen

  2. Love that quilt!!! Gorgeous. And I thought we were cold!!!!

  3. Well done, Di! I love the yellow/white combo and also can't wait to see what fabric you chose for the back.

    I also finished my x-stitch project but have to wait for the final info to really finish it and frame it. :-)

    Now to start my dd's birth announcement. BTW, she found out today, we're having a grandDAUGHTER! :-)

    Stay warm you two!

    Carol (NJ)

  4. Pretty!!!! Let the sunshine in and warm it up a bit.
    You are sewing so fast you should be warm :)

  5. Bright, fun, and I love your wax beans! Absolutely perfect to chase away the Winter. Great job and it makes me happy to see that you've enjoyed the pattern.

  6. Oh, my, that is sunny!! I love it. I've been eye-balling this pattern, too!

  7. Very pretty yellow string been quilt top! I can see you had fun putting this one together!!!


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