Saturday, February 18, 2012


With the sewing machine and my 'need to work on and finish' list:
and I do believe 'we' did well--
so here goes--

Top is finally finished for this month's Schnibbles challenge--
I really was not thrilled with the pattern--
but am happy to say that I do like how it all came out!!!!

we let Miss Gracie walk down the run way!!!
and inspect the SKOW for Chookyblues SAL --
here is --months Jan and Feb with the applique done and sewed into the strip--
now to do the embroidery on the blocks!!!
I still got 12 days--right????

I worked on the borders to this one--
it has a new name--"Chickens in the beans"!!!
I had ordered 2 yds knowing that was the length I would need so that I did not have to piece the edges--
well--me forgot that I had to cut the top and bottom off the fabric first so the chicks where going in the right directions--and that made me short for the sides after all--
so decided to do this for the corners --
with roosters and hens about--there has to be some baby chicks hiding someplace!!!
and then I got this crossed off the list--
Feb.words pillow is done and hanging up!!!

And Friday in the mail I got this fat quarter pack--
and it was only $20--instead of the normal $40--wow!!!
got 2 large pillow panels--
and the fat quarters to match--
I love them!!!!

So this morning I had a list of '14' things that I wantneed to finish or work on some before March 1st--
and I can mark '3' off totally for now and one more is now in a state where I can do some more work on it--maybe--but????????
Oh and I am doing some hand quilting on the pink quilt everyday--it is coming along and I would love to see it finished by the end of the month--but?????

So what did you do today????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. OMG!!!!! So much wonderfulness! The Schnibble sparkles - gotta start mine. The SAL is looking great. The word blocks are too cute but the Chicken in the Beans blows me away!! Yellow and Chickens, you're making this for me right??? LOL -- Of course I covet this quilt. I may have to make one just like it! Take care!

  2. OK I think you took the checkered flag. Love the chickens and beans and the Schnibbles and and and...
    I am pretty sure you are going to finish that March list at the rate you are going.
    Don't forget to refuel every now and again.

  3. You certainly kept busy and accomplished quite a lot. I need to make a new list and refocus!!

  4. I too wasn't overly thrilled with the pattern, but today did a mini version and really like it. Yours is GREAT. Love the colors you picked and I think it turned out better than the original--I just don't care for the muted Colors. Shhh, I love almost all of Carrie's quilts!

  5. Oh goodness I love Chickens in the Beans. That makes my day! Love your runway model too. :o)

  6. Oh my word gal! Stop. rest. eat! hahaha! Love your projects. Can send me the chickens!!

  7. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors!

  8. Oh my! the schnibble quilt is gorgeous, love the colours and design, well worth the trouble to make! The 'chook' (Aussie for chicken) quilt is looking good too, love that yellow chook border, really sets it off beautifully, well done on this project! You are keeping up with your creative commitments Di, good for you!!!

  9. Your Schnibbles top looks great! And I love your Chickens in the Beans too! :0)


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