Friday, February 3, 2012


I had fun spending money today--
what did you do for fun today????

First my girl friend and I went to Micheals and just before I left I found they had a great coupon for today--think it was $10 off a $30 or more sale--so I printed off two and never really looked at them--
my printer did not print the whole thing--and the thing it missed is the ucp code--so they could not use them as no one else had handed one in so far, that they could scan in place of ours--so they gave us one item at 40% off--that did not come to $10--oh well--
Here is what I got there--
What--you got more--I mean more--cotton yarn--
why girl--I thought that was why you where working so hard at knitting up those dishcloths was to use up what yarn you already had in the cottons?????
Ahhh--yes--that was the plan--but hey these where on sale for only 4/$5--and I have such 'dull' colors in the stash--I need to knit one once in awhile in a pretty bright color--and a couple of these will go with some of the solid colors I have does that count???
I really got 8 skeins--
but once home look what I discovered with 2 of them--
Scented--we have scented yarns now--who knew--why????
I do not like nor do I work with scented things--
and I really really liked these two colors--boooooo!!!!!!
Also got a Queen sized package of Hobb's batting for only $10.00!!!

Lunch was at Wendy's--what can I say--
next time though our new Cracker Barrel down by the Joann's and Petsmart will be open!!!!

Then went to Joanns--
I have ordered the pattern 'String Beans' by Loft creations--
and I love the one she did in those greens and turquoisey blues!!!
When we first got there I did spot some fabrics in those colors--
but wasn't sure what line she had used--so did put them back--
and just know I did check and I don't know where she bought her's,
but some I had in the cart where the same ones--now I wished I had gotten some--
by next month they will probably all be gone!!!
Anyways--here is my 'exciting' purchase at Joann's--
Yep--8 yards of white, some red solid, 2 shades of pink solid, and some blue solid--
I got 3 different trims for some counted cross stitch details, and this tool-
Can you tell what it is for????

And yes--Miss Gracie got this--
Think she is happy about it!!!

When I got home I did have a package in the mail--
My Schnibbles pattern for this month and another one that looked like fun,
some yellow checked that was on sale and a Kona charm pack in 30's colors for the centers maybe on the Dresden plates!!!!

So now what?????
Oh--you want me to chain myself to the sewing room and sew up all these projects--
I could do that--but I also need to do that 'laundry' thingy tomorrow!!!

Oh my--it is Friday evening again--that means we are en-barking upon yet another week end--
so be sure and take some time and do something fun with family or friends!!

Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie!!!


  1. Sounds like a totally perfect day Di! Now you're all set for a fun weekend!

  2. That sounds like a very good day to me!

  3. Didn't you have a fun day! I love Sugar 'n cream but had not idea it came scented. Not sure what I think about that. But I do love to crochet hot pads with it. Have fun with all your great purchases. Nola

  4. Scented yarn? now that would have to be a first....never heard of such a thing! I wonder, would it eventually wash out?
    You had a good little shopping day and brought home some nice bits 'n pieces to keep you out of trouble LOL!!! Have a great weekend Di, and that gorgeous Miss Gracie!!!

  5. Scented yarn??? Haven't heard of that before.
    That pointy thingy would be handy ... I have found one of my granddaughter's hairclips that has a good point for same use :-)
    Enjoy your weekend, hugs to you both.


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