Monday, February 13, 2012


look at around here--
I finally got some help today to --
help me get down the Christmas quilts and to put up some other ones!!!
Hey--Chookyblue--look at where the Gardner's Journal ended up--
it is even more pretty hung on the wall!!!
and here are two over the computer table where I am now--
both of these are class ones I did awhile ago--
love them both--
Here is Miss Gracie looking at the wall--
hope she is saying--Wow, mom great job!!!
But I bet instead she is admiring the kitten on the calendar and wondering when it is going to come down and play with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also finished reading a book last night--
this is a non-fiction one--very interesting and I learned alot about 'birth-in' babies!!!
a change from quilting, that was for sure!!!

Only did some cleaning and putting more things away up in the top of the closet that is holiday things and I did get the tote down that has the Valentine things in it!!!!!!!
and I worked on the February word play in the counted cross stitch--
am trying to get it done by tomorrow--sooooo!!!!!

And what did you do today?????
Hugs, Di and a funny Miss Gracie


  1. I love your quilts. They look so pretty hanging on you walls. Nola

  2. Good job, Di!

    Hugs to you and Miss G.

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Your Quilts too fabulous hanging on the wall.
    I am off to Zumba soon and then a swim. May do some sewing in the afternoon.

  4. Absolutely love your quilts.
    It rained today so I paid some bills and then sewed -- I am making a pinwheel quilt for a friend's new grandbaby. Got a lot accomplished -- made meatloaf for dinner, my granddaughter's favorite meal.
    What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

  5. Glad you got rid!of your Christmas wallhangings as your GJ looks absolutely perfect.Love your fresh colors:-) Also the other quilts look great.Bet you and miss G are having a good time!

  6. Your quilts look lovely, Di. I bet miss Gracie is wondering why they are on the wall and not on the sofa so she can curl up on them!

  7. I did spy a GJ on the wall before before I had even read looks great......

  8. Your quilts look wonderful hung on the wall! The GJ turned out very well, great job with that Di!!!


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