Tuesday, February 14, 2012


As my friend, Anne, is usually here for half of a day--
but she could not come today as there was a work crew at her house insulating it!!
She did "pop-in" around 11 am with this--
a pretty card and a bar of my 'favorite' chocolate!!

so I made the 11:30 bus today to go to Walmart for some groceries--
and my goodness--the flowers, roses, and heart shaped boxes of chocolates were just flying out the door--there must be alot of happy females in town tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

In the mail I did get a lovely handmade card today--
So now I have an angel to watch over me when I am here on the computer!
Thanks, Caroline!

And that Miss Gracie--
she had the whip out today--
this morning I was working on the February words counted cross stitch and she had a 'fit'--
so I had to leave it and go to the sewing room--
(she knows where I am suppose to be--must be!!!!)
and then she made me get off the computer at noon time the same way---

Soooo here is what I got done in there today--
Lots of 2 inch half square triangles for the 'broken dishes' doll quilt for this month--
now to lay them out and decide how to sew them together again!!!!
one block is done for this months Schnibbles!!!
Just 8 more to go!!!!!!!!!
when -- when these are all sewed back together they only make a 6 1/2 inch square!!
so again I am working with 2 and 2 1/2 inch blocks--ouch!!!!
And I did finally get the cross stitch done--
Now I just have to finish it off like I did the January word one!!!

After the nap--and Miss Gracie kept napping--
I came out and worked on these--
 Just have 3 more letters to stitch and I can sew this ufo together!!!
So I guess I had a productive day today--
and a sweet one--
Oh and I got the cutest email Valentine card from Harrington and Hannah--
(with a little help from there Mom, Shell--)
so all in all today--I feel loved--
thanks to all you blog readers out there around the world--
and I hope that you all know that I 'love' each and every one of you!!!
Happy Valentines day to you all--
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you,Di,and Miss Gracie. Nola

  2. some nice goodies you got there. love the angel card.

  3. OOOOOH I love the February stitching.
    It is going to look gorgeous when you are done. And you got blocks done and got goodies--I would say that it was a really good Tuesday.
    Have a super good Wed. too!!!

  4. Looks as if you were not forgotten on Valentines Di!!! Some lovely goodies to enjoy! Love the beginning of your Broken Dishes project, it should turn out very well!!!


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