Tuesday, February 28, 2012


should we or shouldn't we??????
could we or couldn't we ??????
would you or wouldn't you?????

Wrong kind of dog ears--
I mean these kinds--
You know the little 'ears' that you cut off these--
so you can fold these back--

and press them like this--
So do you keep those little 'ears'?????
I have to say that for that small of ones-
I have not kept them--
but then I got this book in the mail yesterday--
front cover--
back cover--
love some of these designs--
thought they were full sized quilts--
only to learn that they are miniature ones--
In the reading I learned that the author keeps all scraps that are 1"x1" or larger--
any thing smaller does find it's way to the waste basket or ????
the book though is on paper piecing with these little bits--
so to make a long story short or at least shorter--
when I was cutting those 'ears' off today--
I decided to try something--
and just see if I sewed two of them together what size square I would get--
And look at these--once squared up they are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"--
that is a nice workable size --might make a cute Christmas doll quilt or candle mat or mug rug!!!!
So I did keep the pile today and I will be sewing them up as leaders and enders when I need something new to use for that project!!
So my answer is for today anyways--
Is yes I will keep the dog ears!!!
Or bunny 'ears'--what ever you call those little bits of fabric!!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie 


  1. I used to do a lot of foundation piecing and had a basket full of those tiny scraps. I still do, but now I'm a little more selective because I don't foundation piece as often.

  2. Hello Di and miss Gracie...cute post. You had me worried for a second! I call them dog ears.

  3. I have that book and I love it. I made the little garden quilt. If you have eq6 or 7 you can print out your own designs to paper piece.

  4. I sew the second seam before I trim and then toss them in a basket until I feel the urge to iron and trim little bitty pieces.

  5. Miss Di,
    You made me do a double take with that picture. You silly girl! I am just wondering what Miss Gracie was thinking when she saw it?

  6. Yup--Just got that in the mail the other day too. Can't pass up a deal of the day. I used to keep pretty big ones but I suppose now I should find a dog ear tub and save most of them.
    New projects--woo hoo!!!!

  7. I definitely keep all shapes of scraps, and yes for miniature blocks or foundation paper piecing they come in very handy! Fabric is too precious to waste, I love your little HST's, just keep saving them and they will add a lot of interest to a little scrap quilt someday!!!


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