Sunday, February 26, 2012


That you cleaned up your "pin cushions"????
I have a large collection of sewing pins--
and I use different ones for different things--
and therefore it seemed that all my pincushions had an assortment of each of the pins--
but each one did not have enough of which ever one I wanted to use on that project!!!!
Still with me???
so today I got them all out and 'unloaded' all the pins from each one--
then put just one kind of pin back into each one!!
So I am already to sew some more!!
and here is the little corner shelf where I keep them all--
it is right over my cutting table--
On the cutting table today--
I did do some clean up from yesterdays, twister quilt--
the colored pile is now squared up 4 1/2" blocks--they are what is left from the center of your cutting the twister blocks--and the white pile is the border scraps and I have them cut into 4 1/2" triangles--
now I am not sure how I will use these two sets==but they are ready for whenever an idea might just pop into this brain of mine!!!!
Here is all that is left--
From that quilt--so there really is very little waste--the pile on the right did end up in the waste basket--but those on the left still might be large enough for something--so went into my scrap basket!!!
So my 'friends' what kind of trouble did you get into this week end!!??????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie--

OHHHH--I did get a couple other finishes done--
but now I need to finish the finishes--
so stayed tuned for the final showing--
hopefully tomorrow!!!!!


  1. Oh by the way--just a couple of finishes. Hee hee hee!!! Yep you will make your goals for March before the end of Feb.

  2. Hello Di and miss Gracie...hope you are both well! Thank you for the inspiration to clean up my pin cushions.

  3. I need to do this big time!! Mess at end of my sewing table is horrid with pins and such!

  4. I have several pincushions too and I have been known to separate out the different style pins into each one! Yours are very pretty, nice to get things in order after each project!


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