Thursday, February 2, 2012


First 'who' turned the temperature down so much last night????

What a 'shock' to step out the door today when I caught the bus!!!!!

Second 'who' did the Christmas Challenge for January???
Remember you did not have to finish anything and what hours you worked on your Christmas projects was your own--
So let me know if you did some Christmas so I can do a drawing!!!!

Third 'who' blew the fuses on the hotwater tank here so all there was was very ice cold water when I wanted to wash dishes today????
Luckily--I did get in a dish washing mood late this afternoon and by then the water was hot again!!!

Boy just one day "out of routine" and it takes one alot longer to get back into it again!!!!
Did do some hand quilting this morning--I will probably be the rest of this month yet on this pink one--there is alot of work to it--am on the largest block now--then have one more smaller one to do--
but then there is that basket and the vines and leaves, and the lattice within the quilt to do--and then that wide border---ouch!!!!

Did decide to go into the sewing room and work some--
Had planned to do some other work--
instead I worked on creating this 'mound'--
Well--someone had to do it????
They are more 'fans' for the Dresden plate blocks--
there is alot of them here done in string sewing fashion--
now if I can get that Miss Gracie to cut them apart, snips the corners, and turn the ends right side out and press them--I could play with designing the blocks!!!!!

I also played with my 'wool' collection--
But it is not as neat and tidy as I had hoped--
cabinet is too small, me thinks--so back to some creative thinking here!!!!

And a couple of you asked about the boards that I was talking about that I had wrapped my fabric around--Here is a picture of the smaller one--the larger one is just wider!!  they really do work good--but they do take up some shelf room in themselves!!!
You will find ads for these in the back of Quilt magazines.

Hugs, from Miss Gracie tooooo!!!!!


  1. I'm sorry to say I did not do any Christmas stitching in January. I have been too busy trying to get my birth announcement done.

    You certainly have done more than the rest of us combined! lol Don't overdo though, Di!

    Hugs to you both,
    Carol (NJ)

  2. I like your mound--it is very pretty and yes some one had to do it.
    I was a good girl and did Christmas sewing all three days.
    woo hoo!!

  3. Oh my ! You do a LOT even when you don"t do a LOT!!! Need to work on my wool basket. A mess!

  4. Honestly, our weather is warm one day and a blizzard the next. I can always find something to do in my sewing room if I'm snowed in though. Of course if I don't have power or hot water I'll just have to crochet!

  5. Glad you got your hot water back on, couldn't imagine a cold shower in the middle of winter would that pleasant LOL!!! Your dresden activities has inspired me, and after the current project my Quiltbee group is working on, I am organising us to do some dresden plates. I'm getting the rulers organised so everyone will have one, this should be fun and the girls are enthusiastic, which is good!!!!

  6. I see Dresden wedges! Did you get any plates made out of those yet?

  7. Looooooooove your wool stash Di! I'm lov'in some wool this year!


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