Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am a couple days late this month--
we will blame it on last weeks dental appointment!!!!!
I ended up finding a small zip lock bag with some Christmas prints in it and when I pulled them out--
I discovered there was 7 siggy blocks in it from 2009 for a small Christmas challenge--
so I said 'Why not'!!!
and here is what Pink Betty and I created together--
It was fun figuring it all out and what to do with it--
especially with a block with so much pink in it--
but it is cute, now--you know me and my pink!!!!
And Pink Betty and I did have some help off and on--
guess who????

In getting out that first fabric for the lattice work--
look what I read on the label--
What--when did this happen--
scary, really--
and then the fabric had this symbol here and there through it--
But I used it anyways--
and the 'Kitten' print that I fuss cut on the four corners, 
was also from this manufacturer and said the same thing on the savage--
but at least did not ruin the print with a symbol here and there!!!!

It was much cooler here today, but the sun was out, so it fooled you!!!
Well--gotta go for now--
am in the middle of a good book on my Kindle and my Anne brought me about 6 magazines to read--so I am off to find my reading glasses and a kitty to keep my lap warm!!!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


Merilyn said...

Your siggy quilt turned out beautifully Di! Very nice work there!!

limpingalong said...

I'm enjoying my Kindle, also -- do you have any games on yours? I love the word games.

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