Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Does it count if you work for a little while on first this project,
and then a little while on something else????

What can I say--
It was one of those days--
my body and my mind were working at the speed of a---

a very slowwwww moving turtle at that--
but I did get some more fabric cut
 to make some more of these blocks--
But no sewing on them---
maybe tomorrow--

OH--today was 'One Flower Wednesday"
but look at what I found in my garden today--
With so much sunny warm weather, it looks like '5' new flowers popped up!!!!!
I  did get a nice surprise today--
Had my B-12 injection today--
and you remember when I went last month, I ended up giving away '2' quilt tops--
well, nurse Connie gave me a Thank You gift today from her and the lady doctor!!
This cute little pattern and some heart buttons--
these 'delicious' 'delicious' fabrics!!!
and No Alice these purples have 'my' name on them!!!!
and I think I have just the right quilt in mind to use these on!!!!!
and they came in this cute bag--

Yep--more purple, Alice and the rest of you, Purple lovers!!!!!!

Then when mail came today--
I got an order in from 'e-quilter'--
these 3 where on sale and there is a whole yard to each one--
and I just had to have some of these, even though they were not on sale--
and there is only 1/2 yd pieces here--
now to decide what to make with these???????

and this pattern came in today--
I just love the looks of these--wander if they will get stitched this year????

And today's picture is--

some wild violets that are growing in the yard out back--
I am 'laughing' here--
as  these are purple toooooooo!!!!!!

 Hugs and happy stitching, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Wow--except for the shot, sounds like a pretty cool day to me. Besides the turle always wins the race remember. At least that is what I keep telling myself. Love all those purples and chickens and sewing fabrics. Have fun with them!!

  2. Di,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving the nice comment. It is really a crummy picture, I wish I could have gotten a better one but with the glass in the frame it just glared so this was the best I could do! I hope your shot gives you tons of energy!!


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