Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I can not believe this weather!!!
It really is like spring here--
and it feels good as we have not really had a spring in a couple years--
it has just went from winter to summer!!!
So this afternoon I decided to do a job that I had wanted to do all week--
This is the small garden that I care for here--
and I took it from this look-- 
To this one--
and look at how much higher the tulips grew while I was working out there--
guess they love me!!!!!
the reddish looking bush in the front here is an azalea bush--
I can not decide whether to leave it or move it somewhere's else????
and I seen a couple of my hyacinth's are coming along nicely!!!
I did alot of pulling up and digging out--
Had 3 rather tall invasive flowers take over last year--
and I want only low growing ones this year!!!

Now taking about flowers--
It is Wednesday--
and here are my flowers for this week--

two more for the quilt garden!!!  

And talking about quilting--
I am doing a happy happy dance here tonight--
( or should be, but after cleaning out that garden!!!??)

cause I took this 'pile' of binding and--
sewed it to the 'Forever Pink' quilt--
Oh yes yes yes---we are now finished totally--
it took me 2 months of daily hand quilting on it to get it all done--
did not even really realize until today--just how large this quilt really is!!!!
I am sooo very happy it is done--
on to the next quilt project!!!!!!
So this is my 'report' for this Wednesday!!
Hope you had a great day tooooo!!!!
Happy stitching tomorrow--
Hugs, Di and a lazy Miss Gracie


  1. Congratulations on finishing your beautiful pink quilt - it is lovely! While you have been enjoying your spring weather, we are enjoying some nice autumn days... grat for gardening (both cloth and soil); love your latest hexie-flowers, very fresh and spring-like.

  2. hope you feel better so that you can do the happy dance because the quilt is gorgeous. ALL your other flowers are so pretty too.

  3. Your little garden looks great now that it has had some attention!!, so nice to see spring bulbs come up!! Your pink quilt is wonderful Di! and yes it is bigger than I had imagined, very nicely done, you must be pleased!!!

  4. Oh I just LOVE tulips and you did a great job on the real garden.
    Your fabrics flowers are lovely too.
    Liking the finished PINK quilt...


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