Sunday, March 11, 2012


and I am a quilt hoarder!!!
there I have said it--
now I can go on and keep doing it--right????

I did realize over the week end that I do not like to give quilts away or sell them or even donate them any more!!!
I am not sure why????
but I think it is because I 'love' each one of them--
and that I know how much work and money and time went into each one!!!
Does this make any sense?????
Does this make me a self-ish person?????

OK--for those of you who are wondering why I call my sewing machine,
Pink Betty--
here she is--
When I ordered 'her' I had a choice of a pink or a blue topper--
and you all know that 'pink' is my first favorite of colors!!!
all that blue painters tape is to mark a true quilter's quarter inch seam!!
I do not understand the sewing machine people and why they do not have this marking already as a feature on the machines--but they don't--I think it is because they want us to buy the 'extra' foot for that!!!!!
and yes the next time I go shopping I will look for 'pink' painting tape!!!!!

I did do as planned for this week end--
and here is a pile of 10 projects that are all ready to be put together into quilt tops, wall hanging, or whatever--
So you know what I will be working on this week????

and the 'horrid' part is --
I have a list that grows daily as I remember new things--
of unfinished  parts of projects--the total now is up to 15 and counting!!!!
and I am not counting the bom's or sal that I am doing for this year--
these others are from before 2012--some only have a block done, some only need a block or two to be ready to be made into tops!!!

It was nearly 70 degrees out today here--
but the air had a slight 'chill' to it--
but I did go  for a walk--
here's some photo's--
the first one is of my flower bed outside here--
the tulips are popping up--
and then I went down by the lake--
look at that blue sky and that blue water--
it was so pretty down there today--
this is the hill going up the east side of the lake from here--
can you see how clear and clean the water is today--
but once they start putting the boats in the docks this will change!!!!

and look at this pair--
this little pair of birds where else where on my walk--
I could of reached out and touched them--
they just sat right there and posed for me the whole time--
thank you birdies!!!!
I did get the counted cross stitch piece done today--
I am putting this in a black wood frame!!!
the next on the list for this craft is two small Christmas ornaments--
then I will happily be into 'bunnies'!!!!!

Well--be good everyone and be sure to put a couple stitches into something tomorrow/today!!!!
Hugs,Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Pink Betty is quite nice! I love all your kitty pictures, and the lake is beautiful. I, too, ahem... might have a quilt addiction. There, I said it. And I'm going to a retreat next weekend, so there will be more quilty goodness!

  2. I do keep some of the quilts I make but do give most away. I just love to sew and there are just sew many I can keep.
    Loved going for a walk with you. such pretty photos.

  3. Hi Di -- Just found your blog and really enjoyed it (and pink Betty)! I had a bad experience with donated quilts so I don't do that anymore; however, my best fun is to make quilts for people I love and I KNOW they love and appreciate them. Florence

  4. Hi Di -- you're not a horder,you are a collector. Doesn't that sound better? LOL I think we are entitled to hold on to our creations as long as we want to. We did the work, didn't we? Great pictures from your walk. Love the cross stitch piece. Keep on stitching and sewing - it is good for the soul!

  5. Di I know exactly what you mean. I only make things for my children and granddaughter.

  6. I do think I will be joining you if I ever get my pile quilted. For now I am a quilt top hoarder. You work so hard to do all yours hand quilted and stuff--they are all like your kids.
    Just have fun!!!!


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