Thursday, March 29, 2012


I started another Christmas quilt today, maybe!!!!
I know I need another one like I need a 'hole' in my head!!!!
But--I have had this book for a couple years--
And some of the fabrics that are used in this book --
so have been wanting to get something made with it all--
before--before-- I used all the fabric up on other projects!!!
And so I played with the fabrics and looked over all the patterns--
cause I can't remember now just which one I had planned to do????
and I am actually doing the one on the cover here--
and here is the first block--
This block 'weighs' in at 14" square!!!
and if you look you will see that my version will have a 'tad' bit more color!!!
There is 6 blocks like this to do--have 5 more started!!!

And we got our Blessings Basket block #5 today to stitch--
and tomorrow we are suppose to get the finishing directions--
I really have enjoyed getting a little pattern each week and doing it up!!
Miss Gracie is watching me take photos of today's work!!!
She has gotten 'over' being 'mad' at me for trimming her front paw nails!!!
Silly cat!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie!!


  1. I like your extra bit of color. Very nice!!!
    Can't wait to see your little baskets all finished up.
    Told Murphy I was going to call Di and ask her to come trim his nails--he was not amused.

  2. I love your Christmas block and can't wait to see the quilt finished! Love those baskets too!! You make me want to get in the mood to sew something!!! Thanks for the inspiration!


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