Monday, March 19, 2012


Think we had another Monday roll around again!!!
And is it still only March--

or did I sleep tooooo long and it is now May--
cause we are having May weather, here that  is for sure!!!!
I could not believe the amount of trees in bud already!!!

I have done alittle sewing-
I told you it was 'a little' sewing!!!!
Got the third little basket block done today--the one on the lower right!!
did do some 'designing' or playing around with, some scraps that I had sewed together last week--
have a couple ideas--
it was just too warm here--
so I took the 'big boy' camera out again today--
as I did yesterday--
Here is some photos--
these I took this afternoon--
would you like to read the paper==under water???
a pretty shell???
And here is some from yesterday's photo shoot--
This pair of ducks was having a ball in the water yesterday--
Can you see the female duck under the water???
Notice the smaller bird has his mouth wide open--
wonder what it's waiting for??????
we have this stone wall breaker behind us here and it is the home to a thousand or more sea gulls--
at least the noise they make sounds like a couple thousands out there--
this was done yesterday with the smaller scope--
and here is today's photo with a longer range--
This rock wall is covered in sea gulls when they are not flying about--crazy!!!!

and I will leave you today with this photo--
This is one of the other tenants window's on the first floor!!!!

When is it gonna snow here in NY?????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. miss Gracie looks so snug! I love your "little" blocks and your photos too.

  2. Those little basket blocks are adorable! I'm loving this May in March weather - if this global warming bring it on- LOL! And those orange flowers in the purple pots - what a great color combination! Enjoy the week!

  3. What fun pictures!!! Makes me want to go outside and play.
    Every little block counts.

  4. Great photos and isn't Miss Gracie photogenic? Your blocks are very sweet.I am so tempted to make those little basket blocks too- like I need another project but I have no willpower. How quickly the seasons change...

  5. Thankyou for taking us on a walk with you, lovely pictures! The little basket blocks are looking awful cute!!!


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