Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hey, guess what???
today was Tuesday--all day tooooo!!!!

It was my Anne's day to come--
we did not do much sewing, as she drove me to the 'city'--
to the Petsmart for --for--Kitty Litter!!!!

Miss Gracie is a happy kitty--
she was worried I would not get there before the last bag ran out!!
Then after lunch it was back to the sewing room--
and I am happy to say--
that finally------
this bow tie quilt has a border on it that I can 'live' with!!!!!
This 'poor' quilt has been around for awhile now--
the bow are the 3-D kind--
the first time I finished it, I had it in a different shape--
but the fabric that I used for the lattice in between the rows faded terrible--
and I hated it--so took it all apart and make it into a square quilt and put a different border on it--
and that had been on it for a couple years, but just did not 'grab' me--
so one afternoon last week  off it came--
and today I found this one and I like it--so we are now ready to finally finish quilting this one!!!!

Then I got the two outer borders on this one--
This was a bom 2 years ago--
I did this one in the 'Santorini' line and the other one I did in the Rural Jardin line--
this one I had gotten the blocks sewed together--so today it was just finding that hot pink inner border and the pink bird outer one--
Doesn't this look like 'spring'???????
I did take two walks today--
took the 'big boy' camera on the second walk == down by the lake again--
Yep--just water and a white feather floating on it!!!!
Yep--just dried grasses!!!!
Yep--just a sea gull--flying around--
but look at that color blue for the sky today!!!wow!!!
And I will end with this thought for tonight!!!!
and I pray that you have 'no worries' for tomorrow!!!
Hugs, Di and her pesky kitty--Miss Gracie


  1. Nice to see you finishing off some of your older UFO's!! Love that bow-tie quilt!!!

  2. Cool pictures--this weather is sooooo nice!! You keep reminding me of BOMs that I have sitting around. Need to get to it.


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