Monday, March 5, 2012


Mom--has been buzzing on that 'pink betty' again all day--
She did get one wall hanging from last year completely done--
I like this one--I do like blue--
don't you think this one would make me a nice blankie???????

Then she worked on another ufo from last year--
it was called a 'black and white' quilt--
she only got 5 blocks done last year--
so that means she make 7 more today--
Oh this one is not like the pattern--
she did not want 'her' birds flying upside down--
so she did 'her' own thing!!!!!
oooo--kitty cats--love this one---
another kitty one!!!!
she only used the kitty black and whites twice--
the others are all different!!

She said to 'tell' everyone that they can do some 'catching' up to her in the next couple of days--
as she has to go grocery shopping, has a friend coming, and has laundry to do--
and I hope that she has cleaning my litter box on her list--it needs it!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, from me--Miss Gracie
and from my mom too!!!!


  1. Great finish Di! Love that pinwheel block too. So pretty!

  2. Busy..busy! I just made that first block for my BSA partner. Miss Gracie definitely deserves a new blankie.

  3. Your Home Sweet Home quilt is beautiful!! Love the blue. Your white and black blocks look great. I can't wait to see this one put together. You are on a roll.

  4. love all your cute black and white fabrics--especially the kitties and the hearts.
    I will try to do some catching up.

  5. I love your blocks! The kitty ones are cute. Very discerning assistant you have. Good work! Keep it up and keep showing us too. :-) K-

  6. Pretty kitty Miss Gracie is! Sweet blue quilt too. You are the little engine that could! You will have that B&W done in no time at all!!

  7. Love your blocks,will be a great quilt one day!
    Beautiful home sweet home in blue.
    Miss Gracie makes the window look cool:0)

  8. Love the photo of Miss Gracie at the window.
    WOW you blocks are gorgous.

  9. Great work with all your completed blocks!! Love the photo of Miss Gracie sitting next to the window!


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