Friday, April 27, 2012


And I had really hoped to get this month's Schnibbles top--
all sewed together today--
First we had to 'square' up these goose's!!!
And most of the geese where good birds--
And after some 'wing' clipping and some 'beak' clipping--
we had this nice pile of 'leftovers'--
But we also had a few geese that needed to go back to the 'factory' for some repairs--
But by then the 'noon' whistle blew and it was lunch time--
then a doctor appointment--
and then we did the 'surgery' on these poor uneven geese!!!
and then the  'newly' repaired geese got to go into the flock of geese--
waiting for the next 'flight'!!!
But first this 'pilot' had to work on her 'steps' program--
and as someone seems to have turned down the heat and turned up the wind outside---
we did that 'walking' stuff inside to get our steps for today!!!!

after a refreshing nap--
we were back into the geese flight school--
and today's results are--
some are into a '4' unit flight pattern--
some are into '2' units--waiting to join into 4's--
and some are partnered up for the first test drive!!!!
Soooo-even though this pilot had other plans for tomorrow--
I guess she will have to keep working with the 'geese school'!!!!

Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Love your humorous story of your Schnibbles! I am afraid that my geese are not even geese yet...they are still charms! So congrats for getting your geese in their little rows!

  2. It's so true isn't it... we think we are nearly there but by the time we tidy up and sort out the blocks - we've still got plenty to do! Well done on progress made and good on you for stepping out!

  3. I think those geese look pretty just sitting there. You have done a lot, you'll get there.
    Those cat naps help.

  4. You changed yours up a bit, the pattern has 3 geese in a row. I like your fabric choice.

  5. Love your geese story. I think i'm going to make that Scnibbles,too. I have to get the pattern.

  6. It will look beautiful!!! I finished mine last week, binding included!!! Kisses from Spain

  7. Your geese look nice. I like that you used a tan for the background.

  8. You are doing a great job with your geese.
    Loved reading your post.....

  9. Your geese are looking good Di! Look forward to seeing them sewn together - big cuddles for Miss Gracie!!


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