Wednesday, April 25, 2012


and it being Wednesday--
the first 'F' word is --Flowers--
Hexie flowers at that--

and Sandra is holding them this week to show you!!!!

The second "F" word is --Finishes--
the first finish is--
 the dolly quilt with the baskets--
we are all hand quilted and the binding is all done!!!!
I am now working on quilting the Sunbonnet Sue quilt!

the second --Finish is--
the counted cross stitch 'wordplay' for March--

the third 'F" is--
for 'found'--
Look at what I found when I was moving furniture around and cleaning on Monday---
first hiding place--
and then a second hiding place for--
none other than this gals toys--
Now, Mom you wouldn't be talking about me--
your very sweet loving, Miss Gracie, now would you???????


  1. And F is for Fun! You have been busy!! Your Dolly Quilt and Word Play are so sweet -and I do like your cheerful hexies. Cheeky Miss Gracie - the things she finds - and hides!!

  2. and for Fabulous.
    I like your fabulous flowers and great finishes too.
    Oh Miss Gracie did you really hide all those things??? No not you...

  3. Great finishes! Love Sandra with the three flowers,very sweet:-)

  4. Your little basket quilt turned out beautifully, love the hexies too! Miss Grace just thinks you don't have enough to do Di! She was trying to keep you occupied!!!!


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