Friday, April 20, 2012


I hear this all the time about my quilts--
Now you tell me--
why would I want to sell any of these quilts--
I made them all and each has some kind of story or history!!!!
I love these and don't want to part with any of them--
and Yes--I have went through this whole pile--
(oh and there is some on the walls, yet too--and then all the holiday ones are on the top shelf of my bedroom closet--
and then there are those on the bedroom door that still need batting and backing!!!)
and didn't find any that I wanted to get rid of, much less sellllll!!!!
I have them all piled here for the furniture moving around to come in the next day or two---
so they are out of the way for now--

Today was just tooo nice of day here to be inside all day--
did do some work this morning --
but had to walk up for my B-12 shot at 2pm and then I walked over town to see all my shop friends--it has been a few weeks since I went and seen any of them!!!!
And one new little chicken  followed me home from the  country shoppe--
There is more in this series--but could only afford one today!!!!
did not buy anything at the yarn shop or the quilt shop--
the quilt shop does have another embroidery bom starting in May that looks cute--
so may look into that!!!
( and we will not tell anyone that I do not have last years done--OK???????)

This morning at Walmart some little viola's followed me home--
and tonight, Miss Gracie helped me plant them--
They are an orange and purple color--now besides all the birds she can watch my garden grow--
that is if they don't freeze in the next few days--
today was a delightful sunny 80 degree day here--
but they say the high of 41 by Tuesday and snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well--need to go see what everyone else has been up to--
oh, my, it's Friday night again!!!! Already!!!!
so have a fun filled week end--
Hugs, Di and a gardening Miss Gracie


  1. People who don't make quilts don't understand that you can't just sell them off like used cars. They don't get it. You hold onto your treasures because each one is special. That little chicken is adorable. Have a great weekend!

  2. What a pile! You make so many beautiful things, Di.
    Miss Gracie is looking pretty.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I couldn't part with any of my quilts either, unless I specifically made one for a person or a baby! So I completely understand why you want to hold on to them!!
    Love your little 'chook' (chicken), it's very cute!! Have a lovely weekend!!!!

  4. What a wonderful stack of quilts! I completely understand the need to keep all the quilts you make. When I make a quilt specifically to sell I have no problem parting with it. Now my family is another story. Hubby and the kids want to keep every quilt that I make lol. My house is too small to keep everything!

  5. I would be easier to give a quilt to someone than to sell one! I understand! ♥♥♥

  6. I think it is so exciting that you have all your quilts. I wish I still had some, but alas I have the pictures of them.
    Love the photo of Miss Gracie at the window.


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