Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I did get some more hexie flowers made--
And my model today is--
Sherri--thank you Sherri--!!!!

What we do without 'friends'---????
One emailed me today to say that I needed to lookie in the upper right hand corner of the pockets quilt top--
so I  did--
Ahhhhhhh---now 'who' did that????
Surely 'I' would of noticed that one block was turned--
I mean--I sewed it, pressed it, and photoed it-- and published it on the site--
I had to have noticed that --boo--boo????
But I did not!!!!
So back to the sewing room it went--
Ahhh--so much better--Thank you Alice!!!

I also had this quilt drapped over a chair--
and I kept looking at it--
and something just did not 'ring' my chimes about it--
So it also made a trip back to the sewing room--
and now looky--
Do you like this border better?????


The flowers are so 'weird' here this year--
some of the tulips have been in blossom and are now-- long gone--
others are just blossoming and still others are in bud form--
it is OK, with me really--makes spring last longer!!!
I love pansies and I love the knots on this tree!!!

Be good and sew something tomorrow!!!
Hugs, Di and that cat--Miss Gracie


  1. Dolly is gorgeous--and I am sure she was quite happy to model those pretty flowers.
    I hope I didn't start some re-do thing!!! Love both versions of the flying geese.

  2. Sherri is modeling some more pretty hexie flowers...
    Oh no I did not notice the block either...LOL.
    Yes I like that border on the quilt..
    You have lots of flowers in bloom ..

  3. Love Sherri with her little sheep and your hexies.
    Good eye Alice.
    Love the knots in the tree too. So pretty.

  4. Your Schnibbles is wonderful...even both versions! And love your Patchwork Pockets!

  5. I love the colors you chose for your Pam Buda project. I am making it to... but more like hers. Yours has pizzazz!!!


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