Friday, May 11, 2012


helping my Mom with her quilting--
I am not too sure though,
just what she was tryin to do--
she calls them 'littles'--
they just looked like bits of fabric --
that I think she should of just tossed in the wastebasket--
it's not like she needs them--
not if you could see her fabric shelves!!!!

Any ways--
she said alot of these projects today-
where from leaders and enders--
what ever that means--
like these flying geese--
leftovers she said from a quilt project--
Okkk--but what you gonna do with them now, Mom????
This she says will be a little Christmas dolly quilt when it is finished--
again--just end pieces of half square triangles from a large quilt????????
May be another doll quilt--these she said are some charm squares left over from a project and she just make 2 1/2' squares and sewed them all together---ok!!!!!
OH Dear--got a cramp in my 'paw' from all this typing--
give me a minute here????
And she just ohhhhed and ahhhhed over this pretty flower print--
I think that means that she "likes" it--
and those 'V' blocks are from another project that where from the corner's of half square triangles she said--so she took those and this pretty flower print and a piece of her new birthday fabric ---
she made this--
Oh--you want to show the whole quilt top now--
well--ok, be that way--

So now look--see Alice what Mom made??????

and don't forget, 
I helped!!!!!!!

  When 'she' is asleep!!!!!!!


  1. She is such a good little helper. It came out very cute!!! And so are all of the other little "littles."

  2. Can't think how you managed before miss Gracie came along! I bet she has fun helping you sort those "scraps".

  3. Miss D,
    Thank you so much for the nice comment. I am always worried about messing it up. I hope I can at least be more organized as I work and play since I have so much storage - you know like they say . . . a place for everything, and everything in it's place. I'll let you know how that works out! :)

  4. So nice to see all those scraps and left-overs turn into sweet little projects - all with Miss Gracie's help of course LOL!!!


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