Thursday, May 17, 2012


It was a day though where I needed to be in '3' places at about the same time!!!!
But only '2' of them where 'honored' with my presence!!!!!!lol
The most fun one was a 'Seminar' given by ---
Pat Knoechel--Eleanor Burn's sister--
she comes every year in May to our town--
and she brings quilt models of Eleanor's newest patterns and books--
with a show and tell--
this year's book is--
And I had already purchased this book a month or so ago--
and had fallen in love with the stories and the blocks and quilts--
so it was a joy to see everything up close--
here is some highlights--
Here is the cover one--
(and yes--you will see lots of  'ladies' heads!!!!!)
the black and red and green in this was really bright--just beautiful!!!
Oh this one is not in the book--this is a new pattern--
and it comes with the template!!!
Ahhh--well--yes I did have to get me this one!!!

Here is a few more--
this Dresden plate is made with a little bitty 2" size plate!!!!!
but oh sooooo  cute!!!!
I think this is another new pattern--
but looks real easy--
and this block is a sample of Eleanor's newest pattern--Storm at Sea--
and it is really simple too!!!

Another place I needed and wanted to be today was at knitting-
so left here early and got my questions answered and knitted a bit while I ate my lunch there--
then walked on down to the seminar at 1:00---
and got back to the yarn shop at 3, and did do alittle bit more knitting, oh and of course some talking and laughing and shared the photos on the camera!!!

the third place they wanted me today was here--
downstairs for the awards event for the steps program--
and that was at 1:00, too--
but--looky here--
they still gave me my metal when I did get home!!!!!

And Miss Gracie--
ran and  jumped up on the foot stool by the rocking chair when I got home--
she knows I have to set a minute or two first and she wanted some loving--
her mommy had been gone -- hours and hours!!!!

So I hope you all had a fun and learning day today, tooooo!!!!
Hugs, from Us--Di and miss gracie


  1. Sounds like a really fun day!!
    I am sure you made it all up to Miss Gracie too.
    Have fun with the new patterns.

  2. Never rains but it pours? What a nice day! And congratulations on your medal.I bet you were pleased to sit down with miss Gracie, too.
    Have another nice day today:-)

  3. What a fun day! I know Miss Gracie missed you bunches! Congratulations on your medal Di!

  4. Congratulations on your steps medal :-) Sounds like a busy - but fun day. Great to see the quilt photos.


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