Saturday, May 5, 2012


Is going on here--
no comments for the last two posts hardly!!!
Do I have bad 'breathe'--is that it??
or  is everyone 'upset' that I am back to knitting again???
I promise --

I will still quilt this summer all summer--
along with some knitting, reading, counted cross, gardening, walking, decorating the apartment,playing with Miss Gracie--but most of all--
eating some(alot) of chocolate!!!!!!

Let's see-
where am I???
I have gotten '2' blocks all hand quilted on the Sunbonnet Sue quilt--
And they have been--Cat approved!!!!
Two new items have joined the house hold--
first is Miss Anny---
She has her very own teddy bear!!!
and I adopted her from the Country shoppe!!!
then there is --
the new little white dresser --
I will be taking the 2 doors off--
and will be putting some items in this bottom area--
any guess's as to what that might be?????
My doll china cabinet will go on top of this dresser also!!!
and yes that 'little' basket it new tooooo---
a great $5 bargain-- this will hold sewing things to carry around!!!!

I have been doing lots of prep work--
this week it has been tracing off embroidery designs--
I did '20' of these different baskets on 20 squares--
and then there is alot of other items to embroider in this basket--
Yep--even a Christmas one on top!!!!
got them all done today and was finally able to put the light box away--
for 3-4 weeks me and it has played a game--
when I go in to sew--it got moved to the bed--
when I got done--it went back over to sit on the cutting table!!!
Enough was enough!!!!

We had a bad storm the other night--
but yet we had the most beautiful rainbow at the same time--

So out came the camera!!!!

Tomorrow is an important day--
can you guess what it is??????
Miss Gracie knows--but she's not telling!!!!!!
Hugs, Di and that silly cat :-)


  1. Believe me, I read every post and love them! I will have some chocolate too, please...Hee!

  2. I really should comment more often. I like all of the projects you have going on. Embroidery is fun, I enjoy it. Right now I'm doing redwork snowmen. I like your white dresser.

  3. Well Miss Gracie, you need to tell your mommy Happy Birthday for me.
    And also, she can't possibly have bad breath if it smells like chocolate.
    Your baskets are going to be very pretty.

  4. I consider myself severely told off! Love your basket stitcheries - to-be and also the detail in the Sunbonnet Sue quilting. So is it your birthday....?

  5. Should we be warming up for Happy Birthday? And starting to light the candles? I haven't been commenting much lately, but I love reading all about you and your projects and Miss Gracie. Your embroideries will be so pretty.

  6. So today is the 6.of May.Great birthday day for somebody :-)
    Love reading you blog,so much variety,the SunBonnets are sweet,
    enjoy this day with lots of chocolate and some cakes!

  7. I know a birthday girl today! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birrrrrrrrrrthday dear Di! Happy Birthday to yoooooooouuuu!
    Love ya!

  8. I always enjoy reading your blog posts. Sorry if I don't comment often. Love your sunbonnet girls! :0)

  9. It is so frustrating when no-one comments. Just letting you know that I love your blog but haven't been by lately as I have been away. Love the adventures of miss Gracie too.

  10. I'm always here to read your very fun posts. I should have commented while I was here. Love your little Sun Bonnet Sues.


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