Monday, June 4, 2012



Oh --- well---maybe tomorrow?????

In the mean time--
here is some new 'gals' to talk to you--
Hi you all--My name is Jenny--
and I am 'Di's' grandmother--
she called me--granny!!
Hi you all--My name is Ruth--
and I am "Di's" mother--
and together--her grandmother and I have decided that one day, Di will open a tea room--
and she will name it the 'Jenny-Ruth' tea room--
but this tea room will be a 'bit' different than your normal tea room--
especially the menu!!!! at least that is what she tells us!!!

and in the mean time she has put her 'dream' up on top of the doll cabinet--
for the whole world to see and to dream with her!!!!
And here is a look at the wall around us--she has filled it with other samplers she has done in counted cross stitch through the years--
and she showed us a new pattern for some new dresses that she got at Joann's the other day!!!
wonder how far done her 'to make' list we are??????

Hugs, from Jenny and Ruth--
oh and from Di and miss gracie---

PS why did 'Di' not make it to the sewing room today???
she spent the morning  getting groceries so she would have energy to be in there--
and the afternoon at the laundry room so she would have clean clothes to work in there in!!!!!!


  1. Ewww groceries and laundry. Such boring parts of life. I have a load in the washer and a load in the dryer right now. But I'm stitching away! Love the new dolls.

  2. Chore days..ick, gag, puke. New gals are awfully sweet though. :)


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