Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Plain ole mallard ducks-
So got out the white paint and went to town!!!!
Don't look now--but we have us some nice white ducks!!!!!
Looks like I missed some black feathers on this one--
oh well--seeing as how we are all different,
I will just let this stay this way!!!!

I even got me a picture of a couple--
real birds today--
and this one--
But that cute little hummer that comes to eat every night--
just seems to know when I grab the camera to get her picture--
cause she disappears!!!!
Seen these on my walk late this afternoon--
I really do love taking pictures of flowers---
would love to take pictures of birds tooooo--
if they would come closer and stand still for me!!!!!!!

and 'yes' I am still sewing and quilting and knitting--
just nothing to take pictures of right now!!
so in the meantime--keep reading--
see ya soon--
Hugs, Di and  miss gracie


  1. What lovely sights and colours you have on your walks!! - and the weather looks to be good too, I'm afraid we've only had rain and overcast weather for nearly a week now and I'm sooooo over it!!!!

  2. You and your white paint...too funny!


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