Saturday, June 16, 2012


This little park down by the lake--
to be--
filled up with tents--
and the parking lot to be filled up with food vendors--
and both to be filled up with--
hundreds and hundreds of people--
oh and some dogs here and there--
as it is time for this years--
and we had a perfect weather day for it this year--
sunny, 85 degrees out--but not humid!!!!!
Are you ready for some cardboard boat photos????
Here you can 'drink' and drown on the same boat!!!
I think this one was cute!!!
This boat was done for the new book "Eliza"--the author lives locally!!!
This one is Gillgans Island one--
didn't know he had potta potties and cell phones on the island????
Notice this set up--lots of coolers, and a B Q grill!!!
I thought this one was different--
gotta have some red/white/ and blue boats!!!
some more funny ones--
we even have dragons on our lake!!!

But this one has to be my favorite one!!!!!!!!!

There is alot more to show you--
so stayed tuned to this station for coverage on this huge event!!!!
Hugs, Di and her kitty!!


  1. They are hysterical. Can't wait to see more.

  2. What a fun day, and so much creativity, weather looks great!!!!

  3. Wow! So much fun Di! I really love where you live. Such a great place.


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