Sunday, June 10, 2012


today I did get this little bag finished--
In the doll china cabinet--with the tin that I had pictured displayed with it!!!

Last night I finished one of the Library sale books--
Was a great book--will look for more by Billie---
and in looking over the books that I got on Thursday--
I discovered a surprise--
Remember I got this one because of the cover and to use for decorating--
well--it is a story about a famous Pastor/Preacher--
and this book was written in--
Plus it is like in great shape---

This afternoon--
I started on this project--
(that little bit of white on the heart is a thread--sorry!!!)
This has been on the "prepped pile" for a long time--
but is was so enjoyable to stitch on it today while I was listening to the birds outside sing to me!!!

And for all the knitter's out there--
Here is what is on my needles right now--
Pair of socks--
A shawl by Stephen West--did one of these last year and have worn it many times--
This shawl is called Skywalker by Laura Nelkin's
And the new one I started yesterday in class--
called the Linden shawl-this one I am doing in Black!!!!!!

Well--we are at the near end of another week end--
so there is no more time for 'Monkey'n' around --
do you all have your plans and to do lists made for this next week--
and I do hope it includes some sewing and some 'me' time!!!!
And don't forget to include--Chocolate eating time!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. No, we wouldn't want to forget "chocolate eating time'. I love your little bag! What is the pattern, please?

  2. At last I have caught up with some of my blog reading - I'm afraid that life has been getting in the way a bit too much lately, I am so behind and my sewing room has been lonely too, and my blog!! But I'm glad to see you are still busy! Sorry I missed your birthday, happy very belated birthday Di!! I see your Sunbonnet Sue blocks are quilting up nicely, and the Seminar you went to had some wonderful quilts, some great inspiration there with Eleanor Burns' designs! Love the way you have redecorated your white cabinet, all your little treasures on show, it is very homely looking now!!! Nice to see your finished socks, and your knitted shawls, some lovely work there!!! I'll try and keep up to date more, but if I fall behind, be sure I will catch up with you and Miss Gracie!!!! Take care!!!!

  3. Awwwwww-the bunny bag is so cute!
    And you had time to read and knit and applique! I need to get some of your brand of chocolate because I think it gives you super powers.

  4. You know I love that little bunny bag. ;)


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