Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It is Wednesday--
that means flower day--
and I have been into the flowers all day--
first is this one--
Anny wanted to go outside today for her photo shoot!!!!!!

Then I was finally able to get this one off the basting table--
the pink flowered one--it is large and will be 'fun' when it comes time to hand quilt it!!!!
I decided that this green 'ferny' fabric piece is really a neat print!!!

after I got the quilt basted--
I decided to switch 2 piles around--
this is the pile that is either ready to be basted or has been basted--
next to it on the door was hanging the quilt tops that still need batting and backings done--
now on the door is--
all the quilts that are aready for hand quilting--
oh and on the top is some 'wil' ( waiting in line to be finished into tops!!!)
and --
on the table next to the door is now the 'pile' of tops that need to be either basted or need to have batting and backings and basting done!!!!!
I really really do not think I need to make another quilt top for the next 10 years!!!!!
But---I know I willllllllll!!!!!!!

and for outside--
some more great flower photos--
that were fresh just this morning--
my morning glories are going to town!!!!  I just love these--
and here is--
one of the zinnias that I grew from seed----

I also finished this book last night--
It was a really good read---

so what did you do today?????
I even sat outside with some of the other ladies here and enjoyed the breeze and some laughs--
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie--

PS that miss gracie is on medicine again for the same thing she had a year and half ago--
can't believe she has it again!!!!


  1. Anny looks lovely sitting outside with your pretty hexie flower.
    You have been very busy Di...
    Hope Miss Gracie is better soon.

  2. have a lot of projects on the go...they sure look pretty hanging on the door...and how pretty they will look when finished! Keep up the great work!

  3. You sure got a lot of quilts in progress my dear. I do feel much much better now.
    Love those gorgeous purple morning glories of course.

  4. My goodness Di!!! You certainly have a lot of projects to keep you busy for a while! It's amazing how quilt tops can pile up, but it also shows how much work you have completed as well!! I hope Miss Gracie gets over her little problem, and feels better soon!!!!


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