Friday, July 20, 2012


Pink Betty was a 'hummin' away today!!!!
Yep--she has not forgotten how to run--
her 'operator' needs some refresher 'courses' I think--
but then again--
that's what seam rippers where invented for---
Ok--here are the two latest's projects--
First up is this little one I did today--
Used more of Anni Downs Christmas blocks for this one--
wanted something simple--
these blocks mostly have to do with Christs birth--
Had fun designing it--
Can't wait to hand quilt this one--
am almost done with the main body of the other Christmas one from this line--
then have to hand quilt the border on it--so it will be a bit yet--
before it might be this ones turn!!!!

And here is where I am at with the one that I have been working on  and off of for the last 2 months--
I had a real hard time getting a good picture of this one today---
the colors are really pretty, yet they look terrible in the photos?????
this is another one that I am mainly designing as I go--
the star blocks I did get from the book that came with this line of fabric a couple years ago--
but the rest I have done on my own--
I think I have decided how to finish it --
and get rid of the sharp points at top and bottom--
or would you leave this way for a different look?????????

Was some cooler here today and a bit on the wet side--
but just great weather to lock yourself into the sewing room!!!!!

Is anyone working on any Christmas projects--
using Christmas prints??????

Hugs, Di and her lovely kitty--Miss Gracie


  1. Your Christmas projects are looking great, love the star table-runner! If it were me I would leave the points at each end! I love working with Christmas fabrics but have not started anything yet!
    Glad to hear you had some cooler weather, makes life more comfortable!!! Have a lovely weekend!!

  2. Pretty! I like the colors in both. Doesn't look like you have been relaxing. Poor Betty.

  3. Lovely projects! I have been working on a Christmas pineapple blossoms quilt and may do some Christmas strings now that my picnic rug is finished, lol!
    Joy xxx


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