Friday, July 6, 2012


Some of today's work----
I have two Dresden plates all appliqued to the white background--
All 6 of these Christmas blocks are now sewed together into blocks--
And I thought I had it all figured out as to how I wanted to finish this top--
wrong--forgot these have to be set on point--
Here is kinda where I am with it--
though I do know --I think--how I am going to finish it now--
time will tell!!!!!!

and now presenting another finished Shawl--
that I got knitted and blocked--
This one is called "Skywalker" by Laura Nelkins--
and I used a silk and camel spin yarn--sooooo soft!!!!

And now for a story--
Our housekeeper is Melinda--
last night when I went out to water my flower garden the garden hose nearest my garden was turned off--so this morning I found Melinda and asked her if she would turn it on for me--
now she doesn't normally do this, John,( the mt guy) does--but John left yesterday to go to Cape Cod for a week--so---
the knob was sooo tight that Melinda had to use a wrench to loosen it--
and when she did--She got a nice shower!!!!!
 Where the hose comes out of the wall--is broken--so she had to retighten the turn on valve--
then I go across the parking lot to the other hose--
that one is on---but it is not long enough to reach my garden--
there is 3 small flower gardens that are drying up cause nobody will water them--
so as I had the hose unrolled I said I would do them--
somehow in the process, though, I must of tugged too hard on the hose and it broke off--
here where the black hose it and the hose came off--
and there was the water spraying everywhere, but on the gardens--
and in the process of running to get Melinda to shut that one off--
I managed to get a shower!!!!!
this is how I had to water my poor lovely garden tonight--
the old fashioned way---watering can by watering can--
and the poor flowers where in need of a drink--
and they are soo pretty right now--
and are doing a great job of flowering for me--
so -- I did carry some out to them!!!!
aren't I good soul??????

Be good--stay cool or warm were ever you are!!!
but most of all--keep stitching!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di and her cool cat---


  1. Oh dear with the watering, Di. Those plants sure would have been happy when you finally got to them. I see you've been busy as usual - your projects are all so lovely = great you finished the shawl and your dresdans and Christmas quilt are making good progress :-)

  2. Your shawl turned out just beautifully, I love the lacey pattern, well done!!! The little dresdens are so sweet too, as are your Christmas blocks!!! Good luck with your future watering chores LOL!!!! At least a little spray of water on a hot day would have been a nice relief for you and the garden!!!

  3. All of your projects are looking good!!! Hope they weren't as hard to do as the watering was. Stay cool up there!!!


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