Friday, July 13, 2012


and Brutus has gotten all basted--
and has been replaced on the basting table with this one--
These flowers are from an old Lakehouse fabric line--
I wanted some of this line for so long after it came out--
but that was during some of my really 'poor' days--
then one day about a year later, our Quilt shop had a $5
ziplock bag sale--
and I could not believe it--but here was one panel of them in it--
along with some prints to the line--
and I grabbed and stuffed that zip bag--
and I was one happy camper that day!!!!
and I did sew this quilt top together soon after--
but that was probably 3-4 years ago now--
but now this is on the basting table--
one more step closer to getting finished---someday!!!!!
I can't say that the yellow in this quilt, pleases me--
but I am hoping that with some colored quilting thread it won't be
as noticeable---
What do you think???????

Have a great week end--
and for those of us here in the US--
try to stay 'cool'!!!!
Hugs, Di and her babe--Miss Gracie


  1. I actually don't mind the yellow, it gives it a bit of lift! Once it's all quilted it'll look great! I like the fabric line too, very fresh!!!!

  2. I like the yellow, Di! It's a bit unexpected, which I love it a quilt! xo Jen

  3. I kind of like the yellow--it makes the green pop.
    I really like that tulip peeking out of the bottom in the one picture. Very pretty!

  4. Good for you- haven't got anywhere with Brutus yet!
    I'm not fond of yellow at all, but it works in your top - a bit of wimsy in the flimsy?
    Hope you have got good weather - I' going to need waders soon!!! The worst summer for years here!

  5. Stunning!! I love the yellow!

  6. I love how you used the flowers in this block. So pretty! As for the yellow, I like it, but yellow is my favorite color! Have a great weekend!


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