Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So you know what that means--
Time to go out and check on the flower garden---
Now look at this picture--how pretty is this posie???
and look at that cute butterfly (or moth??)
and then I seen this --
Now there is a pretty flower--
wonder how much water it will need??????

And then Dolly got her new quilt today--
This little quilt was alot of fun ( and fussyness) to make--
but I just love how it finally came out--
and I know you can't see it here--
but I am an "outline quilter"----I hand quilted around the inside edges of all the squares and triangles--Can you see that better in this picture???

The other big project today was--
Laundry--those clothes we wear--they just jump from off our 
 bodies at night--
and jump into the dirty clothes basket and shout ==wash me, wash me!!!!
sooooo--I just had to do it!!!!
It certainly is some 'quieter' in here now--( for about a week!!!!)

Hugs, Miss Gracie and her Mom---


  1. Your garden is growing beautifully. I had to break down and do laundry too. That reminds me... (seeing your little quilt) isn't Temecula Quilt Co doing another little quilt along?

  2. So glad Miss G enjoys herself. Love the flower-s and the butterfly. Have a happy summer-time :-)

  3. Love the flower picture with the butterfly. So pretty.
    Love the last photo too of Miss Gracie hanging out with Dolly's quilt.

  4. Lovely photos Di - your hexie garden seems to be growing well :-) Neat that you finished Joanne's little quilt... mine isn't done - I just need to do the applique; Dolly looks very happy with it!


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