Sunday, July 1, 2012


SO FAST!!!!!
Oh well--you are here now--
so we will just have to do some celebrating this month!!!!
But first----
I am starting the month off with my usual pace--
and today was Sunday--
a go to over town day--
and while I was over there visiting all my favorite places--
Look you 'flew' in--
Why--Hello, Mr Owl--are you looking for a new home????
You can stay awhile and rest--

Ohhhh--my--look at the two of you????
you sure are some 'colorful' birds--
is it too hot outside for flying today????
You are welcome to stay here then!!!!

and I seen this on my way over to the Quilt shop--
and I could not resist taking a photo--
what a great reminder--
especially with so much weather/fire craziness going on around the states right now!!!

And here is a photo of the neighbor's flowers down the street--

I love these!!!!

Welllllll--July really is here and already a day or two of it is gone--
so --let the summer/winter fun begin--
and yes, you still have to be creative and sew/knit--whatever!!!!
Hugs, Di and a lazy cat--Miss Gracie


  1. Lovely photos! Nice little purchases and those hydrangeas are just gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Like your new flock. Such pretty colors. Miss Gracie has more birdies to watch.


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