Monday, July 16, 2012


Sat and Sunday go--
has any one seen them???

Hope everyone had a great and successful, fun, week end????
I have 2 more finishes to show for mine!!!!
First is another knitted shawl--
Now this has not been blocked yet--
so it will be some larger when that is done--
this is the Linden Shawl--
and can you believe that I did it in black??????????

and I got the Christmas redwork project all stitched--
I did not press this yet--
but then I think I like it 'wrinkly" it looks sooo country this way--
now to decide how to finish it--
anyone have any good ideas for me??????

And yesterday --Sunday we did get some rain--
and I sat outside and knitted and watched it rain--
what a wonderful sight--
yet I felt 'sad' cause I know there are alot of states that need rain even worse than we did--
our lawns are gone and have been for a while now--
so lets all get real busy and pray for some rain for the midwest states!
Hugs, Di and her funny kitten--Miss Gracie


  1. Love the Christmas Redwork! What is the name of the pattern?


  2. That shawl is beautiful! I marvel at knitting it in black - I know it isn't easy to see, since I've gone cross eyed knitting some black socks for my son. I'll join you in prayers for rain - it seems that so many of us really really really need it. Take care!

  3. Cool shawl! It looks very difficult even if you hadn't used black. And I love the cute redwork.
    You sure won't have to do much to finish it, something simple just to make it stand out.
    Would be nice if the rain could spread out--some people are flooding and others need it so bad.


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