Monday, July 9, 2012


Came in the mail today--
Look at the post man brought me today---
What a pretty package--
I just love it--
Ohhh- it 's the new book I ordered from The Raspberry Rabbits--
very own Michelle May's first book--
and ohhhh--what pretty projects--
and I know just which one I want toooo--
What's that--Hannah and Harrington--
OH--you caught me--and you are right--
I have not done the last 2 blocks of your bom's--
and I know another will be out real soon--
No--you can't mean that????
You mean I have to catch up those blocks before,
I can do a pattern from your Mom's first book!!!!!
OK-- I will try--I sure don't want two lovely rabbits mad at me!!!!!

So you all hop on over to
and order your copy today--thanks!!!!

Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

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  1. Hi Di and Miss Gracie!
    So glad you like my book. Harrington and Hannah know you will catch up on the blocks. They've been working on theirs too.


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