Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I was a good girl today and got another quilt totally finished--
I just can't believe that I--
got a Christmas quilt designed, stitched--
hand quilted and the binding sewed on--
a new Christmas fabric line for 2012!!!!!
During 2012 and it only being the last day of July----wow???????

and here is the backing--
and now for a confession---
I have 3 more Christmas quilts that I have the tops made for--
this summer--
to quilt yet--
along with the zillion other quilt tops!!!!!!

OHHH---this means that I have to pick out another one to start hand quilting on tomorrow morning--
hummmmmm--which one will get lucky?????????

Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie


  1. Lovely work on your little Christmas quilt!!! Stay cool and happy stitching!!!!

  2. Good for you. Before you know it, another one will be done and then another and then...

  3. Great job!! i'll send a few for you to quilt if you'd like. Keep on stitching.

  4. What a pretty Christmas quilt - both sides!! You are so productive -

    ps - I love your blog design. That rick rack makes me smile!

  5. Busy as usual! Lovely Christmas quilt.
    Hugs for kitty and you :)

  6. Well done Di and Miss Gracie! Love the Christmas quilt!! xxx


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