Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have been busy--
here is my hexie flower for Wednesday!!!
Me--owl--won this time to show it off!!!!
and on Wednesday--
I actually did get into the sewing room--
Got this Christmas quilt all pressed with the back and batting and laid out so I can baste it--
and now don't 'faint' on me--
I actually sat at the sewing machine for "5" minutes and worked on this ufo Christmas blocks!!!!
I went down stairs to the coool--community room and got 6--
Dresden plates basted on to the background for appliqueing!!!!
then --
here is my apartment cooling system--
One room air conditioner, from Sears with large fan behind it--
one fan beside my sewing chair--
a fan in the entry way on the dry sink--
a fan in the bedroom--
a fan in the bathroom--
and a fan in the kitchen---
you would think that I like  collecting 'fans ' or something--
and with all of this running at the same time-- 
the temperature in this apartment was above 85 degrees--
last night instead of doing this post--
my girl friend came and got me and we went to Walmart so---
that I could spend another $225 for a regular window air conditioner--
there was only 2 left----
then we somehow managed to get it up to the apartment--
came into the 'oven' and got it installed enough in the window so I could run it
for the night--it took 4 hours to get it from 85 degrees to 75 degrees, in here--
but now I have no problem with it staying at 75 or below--
oh--my--I think I can actually say that I feel 'human' again--
and yes I do feel 'bad' for those that still do not have power and can not
use there ac's--my heart goes out to you--
but guess who really loves me now---
Yep--I really did it for her--
Hugs, Di and that 'cool' cat--miss gracie


  1. I'm so glad you got a new air conditioner! We have several more days of heat wave on tap here. I LOVE your cat fan! I've seen those, but I don't have one. Yet.

  2. I've been hearing you have had some very high temps for days at a time this summer, no fun for the animals or us!!! Glad to hear you got an a/c unit and that it's cooling the place down a bit, I know my cat and 2 small dogs love lying in front of the fan during the summer months, but at the moment we're in the middle of winter and that's no fun either!!!!, poor little things love to snuggle up with me to keep warm at night!!!! At least when it's a bit cooler you can do some sewing!!! Take care!!

  3. You have been keeping quite busy!! Now that you have cold air you will be whipping things out left and right.
    Like the way the hexie flower turned out.
    NO, I do not need to start any more projects. NO NO NO!!

  4. Pleassed you got your new Air Con installed and you are both keeping cool.
    Love your hexies and dresden plates. Di.

  5. Cute owl! And I love the cat fan!
    I won't complain of the heat (yet) as we have only seen the sun the last couple of days - but I think Filix would like to join little Miss.
    Keep cool!


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